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Low Pressure Problems?

Let us walk you through some of the most common scenarios we see in-regards to water well services and repairs. In Alberta we measure pressure in Pounds Per Sq Inch also known as PSI. When it comes to measuring pressure, a pressure gauge lets us know the Pounds Per Sq Inch (PSI) your water is under. When you have a Low-Pressure problem the first place we will go look will be in your mechanical room.

Problem Solving & Your Pressure Tank

When we send one of our Experienced Service Technicians to your location to diagnose pressure problems, we have a routine checklist we follow. First, we take a look at your pressure tank and pressure gauge to see if the problem is happening from inside the home. A lot of tanks have membranes (bladders) in them that usually come pressurized from the distributor. The amount of air in the tank should be measured periodically to make sure the air levels are accurate for the desired pressure settings. Over time your air may decrease and need to be recharged. Safety is always a top concern especially dealing with pressurized systems. It may be best to contact a Service Provider as to prevent any potentially harmful situations. There are a few consistent problems we see when it comes to Pressure Tanks. They have loss of air which could be caused from a tear in the membrane, the air charging valve has a leak in it, or the tank could be waterlogged.

Water Well Pumping System Diagnosis

At West Country Pump and Filtration Ltd. we have the equipment to properly inspect & diagnose any pumping system issue you may be facing. We are equipped with a down well camera that can provide us with great quality images. We also have 30+ years’ experience in the pump industry. Our staff receive training on the pumping systems we offer so that they know the ins & outs of what will deliver the best quality product for our clients. We have our Water Well truck set-up to provide the most efficient installation/repair services in the industry.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

I just want to thank you guys for taking care of our well issue in such a timely fashion. You’ve got a good bunch of guys there, and I would not hesitate to do business with your Company in the future. The job went very well, and the footprint left was minimal. Overall, great job done!



Before letting just anyone diagnose your water well it’s important to make sure you ask the right questions. To replace a water well can be quite costly. So, making sure the company you hire has the ability to get the job done properly. Experience in diagnosing the well correctly is important. Some of the most common reasons we see pumps fail are as follows:

  • Aging well pumps that wear out over time.
  • Sediment getting into the pump due to being placed too low in the well causing it can filter into the home as well causing issues with your water lines & water systems.
  • A water well pump could be oversized which can cause it to pull sand in from neighboring aquifers.
  • There could be an electrical short as well causing the pump to not turn on. We have seen well pumps be hit by lightning and cause the whole pumping system to fail due to a power surge.
  • Checking the Control Box for any problems
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Our Team includes having a Master Electrician on staff as well as Licensed Plumbers so we can make sure to deliver the TOP Services to our clients.

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