Iron Bacteria in Water

Iron Bacteria: Educating you on What’s in Your Water

In Alberta approximately 400,000-450,000 people rely on private water wells for their daily water usage for their households. When it comes to private water wells it is up to the property owner to test their water regularly to check for contaminants. This should be done on a regular basis to ensure good health. While not all contaminants can be unsafe, they can change the taste and odor of the water. One of those culprit contaminants can be Iron Bacteria.

Water Well

When you live on a Private Property you will have an existing Water Well or will need to get one drilled. When you call in a Water Well Drilling Company, they have the technologies to locate the aquifers to help you get the most water possible to help support your home. Depending on what area you live in can depend on quantity of water and you may need to look at putting in reserve tanks to support your household needs. They will locate and then drill into the ground to the depth required to get you the most water. In Alberta depending on the Drilling Contractor’s, you will see mostly steel casing, but you may also see PVC casing’s as well. For more information on Water Well Maintenance check out our Water Well Education Article.

Does Your Water Well have Iron Bacteria?

Depending on your location you may have orange, rust looking mineral in your water. This type of bacteria may not be harmful to your health however it can be rather bothersome when it comes to maintaining a functioning home. When it comes to Iron it will typically leave its presence in all aspects of your home if you do not have any water treatment. If not treated, you may notice staining on clothing, dishwashers, showers, toilets, etc. You may notice the taste of your water has a metallic taste which is not overly enjoyable, especially amongst coffee enthusiasts.

What is Iron Bacteria?

The definition of Iron Bacteria specifies that they are small living organisms that naturally occur in soil, shallow groundwater, and surface waters. These small organisms feed off iron hence the name. You may notice in lakes or other bodies of water red-brown stretches of this bacteria, as they feed on the naturally occurring iron. By combining oxygen and iron they are constructing bacterial cell deposits. When put together this generates a slimy, tacky type texture that can obstruct pumps, plumbing fixtures and lines.

What Can You Do to Combat Iron Bacteria in Your Water?

West Country Pump and Filtration Ltd. has looked at treating Iron Bacteria all while using the least evasive chemicals not only to their, clients but to the environment as well. We not only offer well known industry filtration systems, but we have also designed systems that use Hydrogen Peroxide as well as our newest Chemical-Free Radical Water Systems. We are always looking at ways to minimize chemical use all while delivering Quality Water that you deserve.

Before installing a water treatment system, we call and book a Water Analysis to make sure this is the proper system for your water needs depending on that lab results. While looking at maintaining your home we also educate you on water well maintenance. We can help you with regular yearly maintenance when it comes to shocking your water source. Make sure to ask one of our Customer Service Technicians for more information on dosing and procedure process before attempting yourself.

Features and Benefits of Peroxide Injection

  • Turn-Key Water Treatment System
  • Accurate Dosage Pumping System
  • Relatively Low Maintenance System
  • Peroxide has a stabilizer that results in 5 times the shelf life of standard 7% Peroxide.
  • NSF Certified Peroxide. To meet the NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water additives.
  • Available in 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon sizes.

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