With its robust construction and high-quality materials, the CMBE Booster Pump offers long-lasting performance and reliable operation. It is ideal for boosting water pressure in buildings with multiple floors. As well as in irrigation systems, water treatment systems, and other applications where consistent water pressure is essential.

Tsurumi sump pumps are equipped with powerful motors and advanced pumping mechanisms to quickly and effectively move water away from the building. Helping to prevent water damage and maintain a safe and dry environment.

Whether you need a pump for residential water transfer, agricultural irrigation, sewage disposal, or industrial dewatering, we have the right submersible pump for the job. Our pumps are designed to be reliable, efficient, and durable. Ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding conditions. With options ranging from compact and portable models to heavy-duty, high-capacity pumps. We have the perfect solution for your pumping needs.

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