A Quality Pentair Chemical Free System

This chemical free water system maybe just the filtration system for you. With this modern technology you can feel comfortable knowing you are getting an efficient, reliable water filtration system.

Chemical Free Iron Filtration Valves Pentair
Iron Filtration Valves Pentair

Air Injection Filtration (AIO)

  • Simplified Iron, Manganese, and Hydrogen Sulfide removal.
  • Chemical free, single tank solution
  • Utilizes and air draw cycle to create a captive air pocket above the media bed to enhance the oxidation and filtration
  • SXT electronic time clock control
  • 4 cycle operation- Backwash Water System with air draw, fast rinse & service

Features and Benefits

  • Large LCD Display
  • Programmable Time Clock
  • Battery Back-Up which is great for Power Outages
  • Efficiency
Chemical Free Iron Filtration 5800 Series
Iron Filtration 5800 Series


  • 5 Years on Complete Control Valve
  • 10 Years on Structural Filtration Tanks
  • *Warrantied for Manufacturers Defects. Labour Costs Not Included.

Did You Know?

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