Heavy Duty Lead Filtration System

Here at West Country Pump, we are proud to be a Pentair True Blue Partner. We work with the Top Industry Leaders in Water Treatment Products to deliver our customers the top-of-the-line equipment with great local services.

Today we would like to feature the Heavy-Duty Lead Filtration Water Treatment System. Over the years municipalities are coming out sharing that they may have concerns with the lead piping underground, that may be delivering the water into your home. When purchasing a home in an older, established area you may want to ask your realtor about the water line’s in the area. So even though the water is getting treated at their municipal facilities, there is still some health concerns that could be present in the quality of your water.

With these concerns arising Pentair came up with a system designed specifically for Heavy Duty Lead Filtration. It’s a way to add a level of protection to your home and your family when it comes to drinking or bathing in water filled with Lead. Lead exposure can affect every system within the body and can be hard to identify.

Calling and scheduling a Water Analysis Appointment with one of our Service Technicians to see what is in your water is a great place to start. We can test your water to see if any contaminants are in your water that may be of concern health wise. We also test for non-health concerned contaminants that could hinder the operation of the flow of your home. With this system it can remove the Lead as well as other contaminants that may be present.

Some of the features of this system are:

  • Extremely Fine Filtration to 0.5 microns that can reduce a multitude of different contaminants.
  • Fibredyne technology has been designed to offer minimal loss of water pressure even during times of great water usage.
  • It comes with a Built-in bypass which is a positive feature as it won’t affect the water flow when maintaining & servicing cartridge.

This filtering system is certified to reduce lead & cysts like Giardia. Ingesting lead at any level can be harmful. Depending on the level of the contaminants in your water you may also look at putting in a Reverse Osmosis System that can help protect your families drinking water. The Heavy-Duty Lead Filtration System mentioned above will help the whole home for instance when bathing or showering, laundry & kitchen cleanup.

“To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself.”

-Masaru Emoto

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