Why do we stand apart from the rest. The Valve Technology we offer is unlike any other. We offer a variety of different Water Softening Valve Systems depending on your home and budget needs.

5800 LXT, SXT, XTR2 Valve Series

5800 LXT Water Softener Valve
5800 LXT Water Softener Valve

One Valve Series Multiple Options

  • Effective in both up-flow or down-flow systems
  • Choose from metered or time clock regeneration
  • Bypass valves of fibre reinforced polymer or stainless steel
  • Three interchangeable controller modules that attach to the valve with the same plug-and-play connectors
Fleck 5800 Series Valves
Fleck 5800 Series Valves

5800,5810 and 5812 Water Softening Valves

5800- High Performance Flexible 3/4″

5810- High Performance flexible 1″ Valve

5812- High Performance flexible 1–1/4″ Valve 

5800 Series Fleck Valve
5800 Series Fleck Valve

Features & Benefits

  • Time of day super capacitor backup for power loss
  • Large colour LCD touch screen display
  • Programmable relay output
  • Remote lockout and regen input
  • Easy electronic programming
  • Error Alarm
  • Assistance screen with dealer contact information
  • Programmable assistance interval with alarm for service
  • Master settings by category
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Vacation Mode to save water when not in use

Did You Know?

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