WOW RO Residential System

When it comes to your home depending on your water source an under-the-sink system maybe all that you require. With a faucet right at your kitchen sink, it is easily accessible for drinking, cooking, and watering indoor plants. With the convenience and minimal maintenance required, this could be the system for you. With the new Technology Water on Water System it is taking the Pure Drinking Water market by storm! Environmentally friendly system that takes up less storage space in your home.

Features & Benefits

  • Efficiency of water on water technology reduces waste water up to 500% and extends the life spans of the filters
  • Closed system for easy installation and servicing of the system
  • Up to 7x faster water make-up
  • Consistent water flow to last drop
  • Operates as low as 20 psi
  • Easy Installation
  • Recyclable Filters for more Environmentally friendly maintenance