Cistern Cleaning Services

Residential & Commercial

From 100 Gallon water cisterns in a garage or basement, all the way to 2.5 Million Gallon reservoirs (and everything in between!) West Country Pump and Filtration is equipped to handle all of your water storage facility cleaning, sanitizing and repair needs.

Our Cistern cleaning and sanitizing service consists of:

  • Assess the topography around the cistern, ensuring that there is no surface water infiltration, ensure the cistern lid meets code and is intact
  • Turn off the well and cistern pumps.
  • Remove the lid and vacuum out the remaining water
  • Using the required Confined Space procedures, enter the tank and inspect the interior for cracks or flaws. (Our team is trained in the required safety procedures and will test the air quality to ensure that it is safe to enter the tank)
  • If applicable, any necessary repairs would be completed
  • Remaining water, sludge and debris is vacuumed out, using our truck-mounted vacuum system
  • The interior is power washed at 3,000 psi, all wash water is vacuumed out
  • The tank’s interior is coated with a chlorine solution for disinfection. The interior is then power washed and vacuumed again
  • If applicable, the well pump is activated and allowed to fill the cistern. The cistern pump will not be turned on as not to leave it running dry while the cistern is refilling.
  • Depending upon the flow rate of the well and the volume of the cistern, it is advised that a water hauling company be contacted to fill the cistern, so undue stress is not placed on the well.

Cistern Repairs

  • The 2 most common sources of contamination in your cistern are from a) surface water and b) ground water. 
  • West Country Pump and Filtration’s trained staff can repair all types of cisterns and water tanks, including concrete, fiberglass, plastic and metal.

Residential & Commercial Cistern Cleaning & Repairs

Alberta Health Services recommends having your cistern professionally cleaned at least once per year, to prevent bacteria, viruses, animals and insects from contaminating your family’s drinking water.Our trained professionals have experience and certification for confined space entry to properly and safely clean and disinfect your cistern. We also thoroughly inspect for any deficiencies and can complete all necessary repairs. Let us put your mind at ease and ensure that your drinking water is clean and safe.Call us today to have your water containment system inspected for your peace of mind.

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