Water Well Tips for Winter Preparedness!

Brrrr… We can all feel the temperature change here in Alberta. Fall is making a quick return and soon to follow will be the wonderful winters we get here in this beautiful Province.

Preventative Maintenance like with anything, can definitely be helpful when it comes to your water well. Here are some Tips you can add to the honey-do list before the white stuff hits the  ground.

  • Inspection of  you Water Well. Checking the well casing, removing the well cap checking for critters looking for a warm place to hid, electrical hasn’t been damaged from said critters. Securing the well cap on securely on the well casing.
  • When it comes to contaminants like fertilizers and pesticides away from the water well.
  • Completing your Bi-Annual water well shock chlorination.  To schedule your Fall well shock Call Us  and we can get an appointment set-up.
  • Preventing frozen pipes that maybe exposed to the harsh winds, and cold temperatures, we recommend wrapping in heat trace.
  • Harsh winter weather can cause power outages. If you live in an area where the loss of power can leave you without running water we highly suggest a Portable Generator that you can rely on until power is restored. As well as keeping a back-up water supply that will be able to get you through just in case.

West Country Pump and Filtration can help you with any water needs you have. From water well maintenance to water treatment systems we have you covered. Every home deserves Clean,Clear, Safe Water and with our professionalism and experience this is what we Deliver.

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