Types of Water Treatment

All of us here at West Country Pump and Filtration, like educating our Customers on the Different Types of Water Treatment Systems that we Offer and how they work. With sharing this information, it gives our Customers the knowledge behind the equipment, as well as the process in treating their specific water source.

At West Country we offer various systems depending on your water source. Therefore a Water Analysis is done before hand so that the proper system is installed for your water. Below is a list of a few of the different Types of Water Treatment Systems, that we at West Country Pump and Filtration Specialize in and offer to our Customers. These are the most common, there are other systems available again depending on water sources.

Water Softening Residential & Commercial Systems

Any of a group of substances that when added to water containing calcium and magnesium ions cause the ions to precipitate or change their usual properties: Helps with removing calcium build up in water lines, kitchen faucet screens, dishwashers, etc.

Reverse Osmosis Residential & Commercial

The process in which pure water is produced by forcing waste or saline water through a semipermeable membrane.

Hydrogen Peroxide Injection System

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Ultra Violet Light

Ultraviolet water purification is the most effective method for disinfecting bacteria from the water. Ultraviolet  rays penetrate harmful pathogens in your home’s water and destroy illness-causing microorganisms by attacking their genetic core.

Water Well Shocking

(Temporary Sanitation of your Aquifer, recommended to be done 1-2 Times per year)  Click Here For More Info

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