Water Well Maintenance

        If you currently live on a farm or acreage with an existing water well or are looking at re-locating to a new residence with an existing well or in need of a new water well to be drilled here are some West Country tips on new and existing well maintenance.


With approx. 450,000 residents of Alberta depending on water well sources as their main water source, being educated on the water quality is of importance to us and we want to deliver this knowledge to our customers as well.


With spring-runoff happening water sources can develop more organic materials in the wells, which can lead to staining and odour problems. Water wells when drilled enter through many layers of the earths surface until they reach into either a consolidated or unconsolidated aquifer. An Aquifer by definition is any geological formation containing or conducting ground water, especially one that supplies the water for wells, springs, etc. The water in these aquifers can affect your drinking water in many, different ways. Most of the contamination as noted in a write up posted on the Government of Alberta site comes typically from ‘the surface and not from a neighboring aquifer’. Each water source is different and regular testing is necessary in order to maintain quality drinking water for you and your family.


                Here is a list of tips to keep your drinking water safe:


  1. Regular annual/bi-annual water well shocking done correctly by forcing water back down into the aquifer.
  2. Regular testing to monitor the mineral content and bacteria analysis in the water.
  3. If after shocking your water source the mineral content or bacterial analysis continue to come back as undrinkable water, then we highly recommend looking at putting in a West Country Pump and Filtration Water Treatment System.
  4. If you think your water source is running dry we can also do Static Well Testing to determine if this is the issue or if its pump issues

People who have existing Water Treatment Systems in their home often ask if they still need to do regular well shocking and we highly recommend to do annual shocking each spring. The reason for this is to help maintain the life of the pump, as well as the lines that are running from the well to the house.


West Country Pump and Filtration offers everything from Water Well Shocking, Water Testing and monitoring, pump maintenance, as well as Custom Water Treatment Systems that are designed specifically for your water source. Clean, Clear, Safe Water is what every Albertan deserves, and it is our pleasure to be able to work with so many Residents in this beautiful Province! If you are needing any of the above, mentioned services we are pleased to offer Services in Central and Southern Alberta with Locations in Red Deer, Calgary and Okotoks.

We are dedicated to Quality – Reliability – Honesty . With the experience of 30+ years we look forward to meeting you and delivering Quality Water Treatment Services to you!