Spring Runoff

With the start of Spring the snow starts melting and we start experiencing what is known as ‘Spring Runoff’. The Runoff is the development of higher water flows from the results of the warmer weather causing the snow in the watersheds to melt away. The melting can result in raising the levels in streams and low-lying areas being flooded. The melting water carries with it decaying organic materials that get shaken up in the swift flowing waters.

            Now if you live in a Municipality they do rigorous monitoring of the levels of organics in the water, but say you don’t live in a municipality and your house is run off well water, then you may notice that each spring there is a change in your well water. The types of changes you may notice would be taste, smell, and even some color changes. Even in some municipalities in times of spring runoff due to the high volume water levels the organics may still be noticeable in the drinking water. This is why it is recommended that you use some sort of Water Treatment System especially for drinking to at least be able to have access to Pure, Clean, Clear, Safe Drinking Water with a West Country Pump and Filtration Reverse Osmosis System.

Other Water Treatment Systems are also recommended especially those who live in rural communities running on well water sources as the treatment systems can prevent organics from entering your home. Odours and staining can be prevented and treated with these systems. The West Country Pump and Filtration Hydrogen Peroxide Injection System is one of our most popular systems to have installed when it comes to rural living. We also have other systems available as well to fit any water source and budget. We offer FREE Water Analysis on all water sources before installs to make sure we are putting in the appropriate system for your homes water source.

Along with spring runoff can come flooding and sewage back ups we highly recommend checking your homes drainage systems and sump pumps to prevent water damage from happening.

If you have an existing sump pump you can test it in a few simple steps:

  • Make sure that the power is running to the pump. You should be able to hear the pump turning on and off without making any awkward noises.
  • Add just enough water into the sump to trigger the float or diaphragm. Make sure that the water reaches the float or prompts the diaphragm to turn the pump on.
  • Check the discharge line going outside to make sure the water is actually flowing and that there’s no blockages.

If you are in need of replacing your sump pump(s) we offer some of the best pumps in Canada. Tsurumi Pumps is one we recommend they have exceptional quality when it comes to efficiency, life expectancy and applications. We have many in stock and orders come in next day. If you have any further questions please feel free to call us at 1(403)348-0109 or email us at info@wateru.ca ! Here’s to another Wonderful Spring!!

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