Offering Water Treatment, Pump and Carwash Services for all of Alberta

West Country Pump and Filtration is Proud to Serve all of Alberta. With two Locations to better serve Central & Southern Alberta in hopes of future Locations into the Northern areas. We offer a Free Water Analysis on any Water Source and offer treatment solutions for your needs. We install your system and also offer service and future maintenance. If you have any questions about your water and what Water Treatment system can do for you in your Residence or Business, give us a call!


Products and Services Offered:


Whole House Reverse Osmosis


Water Treatment Systems


•Free Water Analysis
•Water Softeners
•Hydrogen Peroxide Systems
•Iron Filters

•Reverse Osmosis Systems
•Tannin Removal Systems
•Pressure Systems



Tsurumi – FTI Thompson – Armstrong


Pumps of All Kinds


•Booster Pumps
•Centrifugal Pumps
•Diaphragm Pumps
•Gear Pumps
•Mag-drive Pumps

•Multi-stage Centrifugal Pumps
•Peristaltic Pumps 
•Progressive Cavity Pumps
•Rotary Lube
•Rotary Vane
•Vertical Turbine
•Plunger Pumps



Carwash and Pressure Washer Equipment, Supplies & Service


Wall Mount Dairy Farm Wash System


•Pressure Washers of All Kinds
•Custom Skid Units
•Custom Pump Stands
•Wall Mounts
•Nozzles, Wands, Guns, Etc.
•Vacuums and accessories